Tuesday, March 1, 2005

Finding the good...

Good things about having Cancer:

Knowing people are praying for us & being able to see those prayers work in our lives.

Catching up with old friends

Loosing my hair
-not having to shave
-saving a ton on hair care products
-being able to put on a wig that's already styled instead of spending 30 minutes getting my hair out of my face

Having an excuse, permission & even encouragement to rest when I'm tired & take time for myself (btw, something every woman should have regardless, but many don't & others, including myself sometimes, don't take when it's offered)

Learning that I deserve to be spoiled sometimes-even when I'd rather "do it myself."

Learning that it's OK to ask for help, that help often comes from unexpected people & that the people you expected to help sometimes don't.

Learning the true meaning of "Life isn't fair, but God is good."

The joy of being SO thankful, for friends & family, for the kindness of complete strangers, for the amazing & unexplainable feeling of holding your child, for trees & clouds, blue sky & rain, for every big & little thing that I know I'll never take for granted again.