Friday, October 12, 2007

Point of Impact

Things to do,
rushing about,
a family in transition.
Boxes to pack,
a house to clean for its future owners.
The fridge is empty,
the kids are hungry,
and so the inevitable trip to the store.

A normal trip,
we've gone this way a hundred times.
A left hand turn as the darkness falls..
checking the mirrors;
looking, checking, and looking again.
The way is clear, or so I think, and then...
Headlights glaring where there were none,
an instant of realization...and dread.
Crashing, spinning, screaming.

Our lives hang in the air,
like a spinning coin.
What are the chances, the percentages, the liklihood
of survival?
Where is God?

An object in motion,
will stay in motion,
until acted upon by an outside force.
In this case, an old SUV built like a tank.
It doesn't budge,
and so we stop.
Our little van, with its highly rated safety features,
is crumpled like a ball of paper.

As I retrieve my shaking and crying babies
I see the inside of the door,
the point of impact,
right next to my son's seat.
It is broken in two;
one fractured piece of door pointing directly to his head.
On his face, not even a scratch,
just the smallest spot of red
where this jagged point barely touched his cheek.
Within minutes the mark has faded into nothing,
but I hold in my heart the reminder
of how very close
God was
in that moment.