Thursday, January 3, 2008

Writing About My Day....

So just a few minutes ago I finished shampooing the carpet in the playroom. It certainly wasn't on my agenda today, that's for sure. As a matter of fact, since I'm fighting off a case of the winter crud-complete with sore throat, chest congestion and annoying hacking cough, I had absolutely NOTHING on my agenda today besides survival. It didn't need to be done either...I mean, we've only been in this house for 2 months and though 3 kids, a dog & a cat can create their share of messes, the carpet was really only in need of a vacuuming. To be honest I'd probably never even consider shampooing the carpet in there, I was just going to wait until the kids ruined it before I replaced it with hardwood & turned it into the dining room it was designed to be. Anyhow, I digress...

I went to get the mail. It's not a long or difficult process by any means. The mailbox is literally 8 feet from our porch. It took maybe a minute to slide on my shoes, get the mail from the mailbox and walk back into the kitchen. As I placed the mail in its spot on the kitchen island the smell hit me. It was a nice clean smell, as if someone had just finished washing dishes in the sink...which I haven't done in months since this house came complete with dishwasher (Yay!). Like I said, a nice smell...but completely out of place. Then I glanced to my right and noticed "the rotten one" standing in the playroom door with an upside down (and almost completely empty)bottle of dish detergent in her chubby little hands. She's quite artistic, that one. I could tell that she'd initially just squirted it into a puddle, but quickly found that if she moved the bottle in circles she could create nice blue swirlies in the carpet quite easily. Fascinating.

(In the unlikely even that you are confronted with a carpet soaked with dish detergent sometime in your lifetime, here's a tip: I used a dustpan & spatula to squeegee as much of it out of the carpet as I could before I added water to the mess. Another tip: You'll need LOTS of towels.) On the up side, I used the soapy towels to clean the kitchen floor, which did need to be mopped. "The rotten one" was placed in her second bath of the day. Interestingly, she was completely self-foaming, and came out squeaky clean...just like the carpet.