Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Gotta Do What I Can...

In our house, on any given day you will find at least 5 animals . I'm not counting my kids either...(though I probably should ;-). There is the very large and regal looking plot-hound named Stash. We didn't name him, since he came to us at a ripe old age of 7...but we think he was so named because he likes to hide his toys in a certain corner of the room (thus, his "stash"). Then there is SweetTea (pronounced sweetie), an obnoxiously adorable pup that weighs maybe 8 lbs and will probably not get any bigger. She spends the majority of her days antagonizing Stash by hanging from one ear or another, which he handles with incredible dignity. The Mocha Kitty has been with our family the longest, since Josh brought her home just one week before Taylor was born (I don't know what he was thinking...a cat was the LAST thing I needed at that point!). She has traveled the world with us; Colorado, Germany, North Dakota, Mississippi and Georgia; on airplanes & in cars...I'm thinkin' she deserves a medal for all we've put her through. And she still loves us, though she's not terribly enthusiastic about her new doggie companions. Theodore the Dwarf Robo Hamster, who is as wide as he is long, is the living counterpart to Mortimer who lived up to his name & died a few weeks after coming home with us. (You'd think we'd have known better than to name him that...especially after what happened to the first Mortimer Mouse. Chloe still walks by his cage occasionally and asks: "Mommy, did Mortimer get squished?" "Is he in heaven?") Upstairs in Taylor's room is Coda the baby ball python, who actually belongs to Josh's cousin, Kyler. They didn't allow snakes on the Greyhound bus when she went back to Michigan, though...and so he remains with us. This is perfectly fine with Josh, who has begged me for a snake since we got married, but I always told him "No constrictors around my babies!" Chloe is 3 now, though...and she adores Coda...all the kids do. He's actually a pretty cool pet, I have to admit.

So that's our main menagerie. Most of the time there's at least one more and sometimes 5,6 or 7 more. At one point I had Donnie & Marie who were 6 month old pups, and the 5, 6 week old, Spice Pups (our now re-named Sweet Tea was originally "Baby Spice"). My parents think we're insane. I'm sure most of our neighbors think we're insane... I doubt we'd argue with them much. When we adopted Stash, though, we didn't just fall in love with him...we fell in love with the wonderful non-profit animal rescue called "Mostly Mutts" that took him when his first family didn't want him anymore, and put him in a loving foster family until we, his "forever family," came along. So when the economy started it's downward spiral and animal turn in's began to climb out of control, Mostly Mutts sent out a call for help. We decided to answer.

I know there are larger problems. I wish I could wave my magic wand and fix the tragedies occurring all over the world: starving children, wars, abuse, drugs, gangs, the national deficit, etc... I have 3 kids to raise right now, though, and trying to keep them fed & clothed is a struggle. My resources are limited and so is my time. But I do have a large fenced in back yard and an unfinished basement...the perfect place for doggies to run & play until they find their "forever homes." Small though it is something I can do to help, and I gotta do what I can.


Seymour Dreams said...

Its wonderful what you are doing and how you are putting the word out so others are aware and can help too.