Tuesday, February 3, 2009


I just love 3 year-olds. They have some of the best things to say. I still remember Taylor's "triagiggles," and Bear doing his "arts and craps," at that age...priceless! Here's some of Chloe's latest gems:

On the night of a full moon: "Mommy look! The moon doesn't have pieces out of it!"

As she's climbing over the back of the couch (which she's NOT supposed to do) she slips and falls between the cushions, and we hear a muffled, "Help, I'm dwowning in the couch!"

On the way to my parent's house: "Mommy, I just love Oma and Opa. Opa is funny, and Oma is beautiful." (Oma was especially appreciative of that compliment ;-)

In the morning while I was pouring my coffee: (In a broken monotone voice) "Momma-I-want-chocolate-milk."
While I sleepily ponder her unusual tone, I give my automatic reply, "Chloe, you have to ask NICELY."
And she says, "But-I-a-wobot."
At which point I had to restrain myself from snorting coffee out my nose.


fairbetty said...

excellent. so excellent. thanks for the smiles today.