Friday, March 20, 2009

Why I Love Homeschooling #3 ADD? No biggie...

My beloved Bear (age 6), has a serious case of "AD...ooh, pretty!", as we like to call it.

Since we've always homeschooled, it's never been a huge issue. He's somewhat hyperactive, and his attention span is about the size of a gnat..

He does most of his schoolwork STANDING on the kitchen chair, as opposed to sitting on it, and about every 10 minutes we have to take a five minute break. This would NEVER fly in a public school classroom. I had one friend tell me that she finally took her son out of public school when she discovered it was taking ALL of his attention to keep his rear in the chair & if he stopped thinking about that in order to focus on his schoolwork, he'd start fidgeting and then get in trouble. It was a loose-loose situation.

At home, my son can do the hokey-pokey standing in his chair while he does his math if he wants, and it's no sweat off my back. Another plus for homeschooling!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Why I Love Homeschooling #1 & 2

Homeschooling is not for the faint of heart. It's not easy having the kids home 24/7...even our "laziest" days are pretty crazy. My biggest challenges include finding time for myself & getting everyday chores & responsibilities done in the midst of a constant stream of chatter, discoveries, quarrels and questions...oh and let's not forget trying to make ends meet on a single income, either ;-), but...

Just about every day I think of a new reason (or more) that reminds me why I am so happy to be homeschooling my children, and I thought I'd share them as they come to me. If you're on the homeschooling journey too, please share some of your homeschooling blessings!

#1 Chloe (3yrs) has just started sleeping in a bit (thanks to the extra hour of darkness acquired from the daylight savings shift), and so for the past few mornings I've been waking up later to the sound of the school bus going up the street. As I'm laying there rubbing the sleep out of my eyes at 8:45 am (instead of her earlier 7:15), I am so very thankful that a: for the first time in 8 years, I am actually waking up on my own instead of to a crying, hungry baby, and b: my children are not on that noisy, crowded bus that spews migraine, asthma, and even cancer inducing noxious fumes into the air.

#2 They learn while they are playing...and they don't know it!

I felt a bit guilty this morning for NOT insisting the kids finish their "bookwork" before I let them go outside. But it's hard to resist the beautiful springtime weather & the opportunity to get something done without interruption while they're outside playing. I looked out to check on them a few minutes ago, to see them playing in the sandbox. Sand is great fun & lends itself to many imaginative activities, and when you include measuring cups, spoons & a few other kitchen utensils it becomes...MATH! Right now they're playing "restaurant", and making up their own recipes, measuring leaves & sand, sticks & rocks. They're learning...and they don't even know it. I love it! :-)

(Another great place for measuring cups & spoons is the bathtub. But you may want to buy multiple sets & always make sure you have a designated set for your own kitchen. My hubby, who likes to do the cooking, gets this little irritated twitch when he has to go fish the measuring spoons, or whisk, or turkey baster out of the bathtub toys...thank goodness he loves me!)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The End of the Rainbow

Silently, stealthily,
on furry toes,
Leprechauns scurry
through forests and groves;
threading like ribbon
and tying in bows;
stretching it,
hiding it,
so no one knows
where the end
of the rainbow

Happy St. Patrick's Day
...and happy rainbow hunting ;-)

Monday, March 9, 2009

Oh, how the cookie crumbles!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


IMHO...and the kids' NSHO, Amber's recipe for Biscotti is...YUM!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Just One God

I stumbled across Wordle on Emaye's blog: "With Much Quirk". It's an awesomely fun way to play around with words! So I copied the entire text of my blog into it and came up with this:

I love how the largest words in there are: "Just...One...God." How cool is that?

Naps Gone Bye

Oh my...

Darling child
loves the blue skies
refuses to close her eyes
must jump and play.

Mommy however
develops a nervous twitch
too much coffee
it's a lousy crutch
where does she get her energy?

Whining begins
as 6 o'clock hits
nerves frayed
loosing my wits
what's for dinner?

Counting the seconds
blessed bedtime
blankets arranged just-so
a story or a nursery rhyme
slumber finally makes its claim.

Mommy-Daddy time
we look forward to the quiet
sleepy Mommy eyes
too tired to fight it
zombified at 8 o'clock.

Oh child...Mommy still needs your nap!