Friday, March 20, 2009

Why I Love Homeschooling #3 ADD? No biggie...

My beloved Bear (age 6), has a serious case of "AD...ooh, pretty!", as we like to call it.

Since we've always homeschooled, it's never been a huge issue. He's somewhat hyperactive, and his attention span is about the size of a gnat..

He does most of his schoolwork STANDING on the kitchen chair, as opposed to sitting on it, and about every 10 minutes we have to take a five minute break. This would NEVER fly in a public school classroom. I had one friend tell me that she finally took her son out of public school when she discovered it was taking ALL of his attention to keep his rear in the chair & if he stopped thinking about that in order to focus on his schoolwork, he'd start fidgeting and then get in trouble. It was a loose-loose situation.

At home, my son can do the hokey-pokey standing in his chair while he does his math if he wants, and it's no sweat off my back. Another plus for homeschooling!


emaye said...

I'm loving these homeschooling posts. Still nervous about starting homeschooling our kids, but I know the benefits really outweight a lot of the risks.

Maggie said...

Emaye, you're gonna love homeschooling! I've been so impressed with how you're preparing a place for your children in your hearts & home. They will truly be blessed to have you as parents :-)

HomeschoolHomestead said...


I love your blog! Boy can I relate to this post. We were reading the other night. Every word brought a totally different story from his life. ie storefront- Do you remember the bird in the "A" from Michael's craft store? While twirling his hair and tapping his foot. I love the poems from some of your other post.