Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Why I Love Homeschooling #5: Sick Days

Bear (8) is sick today. He had a rough night last night as he has a difficult time sleeping with a stuffy nose. This morning we had plans to run to the church garden to pick tomatoes for the food pantry, drop off & pick up more books at the library, and visit with Oma at her house for a bit. Everyone in the house was up and going by 8am except for Bear. Luckily none of these activities had a time frame on them, so I decided to let the boy sleep as long as he wanted. I was reminded how nice it was not to have to drag him out of bed to see just HOW sick he really was, and then do the should I/shouldn't I send him to school routine. I remember my Mom having to do that to me, and I remember her stressing over how many days I had already been absent, and if I could afford to miss another day. I distinctly recall going to school feeling miserable quite a few times.

Once when I was in High School I contracted a stomach bug. I spent a few days at home and then it was decided that I needed to go back to school so I didn't miss any more days. I went back to class, but couldn't keep anything in my stomach. I had to keep leaving class to run to the bathroom and finally got so dehydrated that I had to be hospitalized overnight with an IV to re-hydrate me. I can't help thinking that that was one hospital bill that could have been avoided with a few more days at home in bed. I wonder how many other kids ended up getting sick because I had to go back to class while I was still contagious?

I am so thankful that I don't have to worry about keeping my kids at home when they are sick! If they need to sleep in or take a nap it is no problem. Our outside activities are flexible and our friends and family are understanding. When Bear finally got out of bed at 10am, bleary eyed and snuffly, he promptly came to ask: "Bob, I dod feel gewd, do we HAB to go oud today?" I was happy to be able to tell him that we could certainly stay home.

He's been resting for the most part today, though he did ask me to play a game of Dinosaurs vs. Army Men with him. There was rolling of the dice involved and adding and subtracting and even some multiplication. He also managed to get in some writing and educational games on We had a minor meltdown over the writing, which was when I realized that I might be asking a bit too much of a sickly kiddo, but with a break to rest and a modification of the assignment it all went smoothly once again. It's not been his most productive day, educationally speaking, but pretty good for a sick day!


Mrs.HansenHomeschools said...

It really is such a wonderful thing for our kids that we can do what is best for their health and development. This was a great post!