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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesson: Wegener-Continental Drift-Plate Tectonics

There's nothing really original here, just a bunch of information and activities consolidated from different websites. I thought I would post so that it could possibly save someone the extra work. We certainly had a lot of fun and learned a lot at the same time!

Alfred Wegener:

Slide Show Presentation:

Evidence and Activity for Continental Drift:

Instead of using the printout from the activity, we used tracing paper and an old map to make construction paper overlays of the continents. Playdoh was used to make the connecting mountain chains and we cut out copies of the various fossils to glue in the places they were found. The map underly has the plate boundaries drawn on it which was useful for discussing plate boundaries and hotspots further along in the lesson.

Construction of the Earth
Lithosphere, Mantle, Crust

How do we know?
Seismic waves

Convection currents carry the earth’s crust
Science Experiment:

Types of Plate Boundaries:

Hot Spots: Hawaii & Yellowstone

Why do the continents rise out of the ocean?

This would flow nicely into a lesson on the rock cycle...we've already done that so we got it a bit out of order.