Friday, January 21, 2011

She's 5!!!

Golly, how the time has flown by!

 Wasn't she just a delectable bit of sweetness?  ...and she was a GOOD baby too (no indication of what we were in for later! ;-)
 Here she is at 1 year old. You can't tell I was behind her keeping her from climbing right off the table.  She thought that was a delightful game!  (The photographer and I both were a bit twitchy and in need of a drink afterwards)
 2 Years old...gosh I miss those baby cheeks! What I don't miss, though, is the messes.  This girlie and her brother both went through the mayhem and destruction phase at age 2.  Her most memorable?  Dish soap and grape jelly in the carpet.  Good times!
 Mmmm...peanut butter face and a rare calm moment, Age 3. The inevitable 3yo "quotable phrases" begin, and we end the year with my favorite. "Mommy...I'm thankful for my stuffed alligator, because he gobbles up my bad dreams and farts them out good dreams." Yes, she has a unique perspective on life...
 Yep, this is more like it...on the go at age 4...
 ...and such a generous spirit!  Who wouldn't want even a slimy snail when it's accompanied by that smile?
 She goes and goes until...she crashes.  HARD.  Don't bother trying to wake'd get more of a reaction out of a sack of potatoes.  Get comfy Oma (she actually looks like she's enjoying herself, though...doesn't she?)
Happy Birthday Chloe!  You bring so much life and laughter into our home!  Yes, you're a BIG GIRL now...but don't forget you'll always be our baby <3